Should Social Media be Top of Mind in a Doom & Gloom Economy

social media heroLately I have been hearing a lot of Board Members and CEO’s say “how can social media be a priority when my sales have dropped?” In my opinion, all of interactive marketing (including social) must be implemented in a bad economy. Only pure ignorance and trepidation from old school thinking can make someone believe that social media should be cut when times are looking tough. 99 times out of 100, the “social is not a priority” statement comes from someone that does not understand how social media can be integrated into the business and marketing operations to drive measurable results. A fear of evolution. If you are fearful of learning something new, you should hand it over to someone who isn’t.

If you are seeing challenges in business, you must connect with your target market deeper than ever or risk that they elect alternatives to doing business with you. Can anyone really say that not connecting with your target market, the individuals that buy your product/service, is not a priority? If you’ve done any research on the social media zero or hero topic how can you still question whether social media helps to establish increased and deeper relationships?
Bottom line, social media is a hero – IF – used correctly.
If you truly work to produce entertaining and/or informative content and follow that up by engaging with your target market, you will create greater awareness, interest, consideration, and advocates for your brand.
So if the economy concerns you and your business, turn it up a notch. Do not take the safe charted route. Take calculated risks. Get out of your comfort zone a try new things on your social media channels. There is so much to learn out there. Be creative!

Happy Interacting!


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