Pizza – Durbanville – Pete’s Diner in Sonstraal Heights

Pete's Diner - Sonstraal Heights - Durbanville
Pete's Diner - Sonstraal Heights - Durbanville

How many times before haven’t we been disappointed by pizza franchises who just can’t seem to live up to their advertised promises of great-tasting, value for money offerings? Some of them come with ridiculously stacked pizzas at even more ridiculous prices, while others’ pizzas simply just aren’t that satisfying – leaving you thinking “why do I keep ordering from them again?”

This is exactly why Pete’s Diner in Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville is such a big hit with the locals – and I’m sure even some living further away. Situated in the Sonstraal Spar centre just off Langeberg Road, Pete’s Diner is always buzzing with people hungry for their delectable pizzas. Not only do they make the tastiest wood fired pizza I’ve ever come across, but their prices are also very reasonable; and – on top of that – their service is fast and friendly. Check out the menu here

Best of all – from Monday to Wednesdays Pete’s Diner is running a special where you can pick up any two medium (23cm) Classic pizzas for only R75; or any large (30cm) Classic pizzas for R85.

Another plus is the fact that they deliver within a 5km radius – starting from 5 p.m. But as I rarely have cash on me – I usually just phone them 15-20 minutes ahead of time with my order so it’s ready when I go pick it up – works like a charm. And – unlike some other places – they do actually have a card machine – so no need to struggle with finding an ATM.

If – like me – you love sinking your teeth into a great-tasting pizza made from the best quality, freshest ingredients – you should really give Pete’s Diner a go. I can guarantee that you’ll be going back again and again. Check out the menu here

IPIC Shopping Centre, Sonstraal, Durbanville
Tel: 021 975 9146


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  1. I’ve got to agree with this article – Pete’s Diner is really good. I’ve honestly not been to a franchise since I’ve had Pete’s pizza

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