Horatio Caine

The man the legend Horatio Caine, protector of the innocent, master of all things ridiculous!

Wikipedia on Horatio:

Born in 1957, Caine’s parents named him after author Horatio Alger. Before he moved to Miami, Caine worked in New York City as detective with the NYPD. It was there that he killed the man who murdered his mother: his own father. In 1995, while on the job, he was stabbed while investigating a case in which children were locked in closets while their parents were murdered.

Urban Dictionary on Horatio:

Simply the coolest investigator in Miami, Horatio Caine is more than a man, he is a way of life with five basic rules:

  1. Stand with Hands on hips
  2. Place sunglasses on for dramatic effect, then remove them, and repeat (applicable inside as well as out)
  3. Never fully address people by looking them in the eye, you’re too cool for that.
  4. Have a dramatic pause in your speech.
  5. Shoot first/45 Degree turn/walk out of camera frame

WikiHow on Horatio:

  1. First you’ll want to develop an air of mystery about yourself.
    You don’t want to blabber. Mysterious people don’t have loose tongues.
  2. Have someone call you by the first letter in your name. This is an essential in becoming Horatio.
  3. ….read it the rest on wikiHow



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