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headphones to download free musicHow to Get and Download Free Music

Shakespeare once famously quoted ‘if music be the food of love, play on’ – those who agree with this quote are nearly always wondering how to download music. Whether you have a love for classic rock, dance, hip hop, alternative or even gospel, finding great new tunes to add to your collection can be a challenge when it comes to MP3s and MP4s. Rather than putting your computer and liability at risk by sourcing illegal pirated content, it is far better and safer to stick to legal sources. You don’t have to fork out anything to discover new songs either, with many options for finding free songs to save directly to your computer.

Where to Download Free Music Legally

Wondering where to download free music safely and legally? If you are looking for good quality music that is not only free but also legal, there are a number of places to find a wide range of genres. This is one of the best ways to discover new songs too, allowing you to broaden your musical horizons and find amazing artists. Try the following free song download sites to get started:

  • Channel24 – One of our favorites. Great range of South African and International music styles from new and underground artists, with Free MP3 Downloads and online listening options.
  • Amazon – wide selection of new and undiscovered songs, with streaming and download options across every genre under the sun.
  • MadeLoud – listen online or download songs across a wide range of genre, from hip hop to country, pop, rock and just about everything in between.
  • iMesh – this tool allows you to synch millions of new songs and videos to your iPod, tune in to DJ stations and even share with friends.
  • Free Music Archive – browse songs across curators (such as radio stations for example) or genre, and sign up to create playlists or even blogs of music content.

How Do I Download Music?

Once you’ve chosen a site and had a listen to the huge range of songs across your favourite genres, you can decide whether you wish to download the ones you are keen to keep. For the most part, this process is quick and easy – especially if you are able to download music torrents rather than an actual MP3 file.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when downloading content online:

  • Click the ‘download’ button that appears next to each track.
  • Open the track to play it your computer’s media player or choose ‘save file’.
  • Save the file to your chosen folder location or to your computer’s download folder.
  • For torrent files, you will need a torrent programme such as BitTorrent or Vuze.

Some free music websites may not offer content to all users across the world, especially those that are US-based. But once you find the site that has the right types of music and an easy to use download process, you will be able to stop back whenever you want to refresh your song collections and discover a host of new artists. As a final bit of advice on where to download music, always remember to keep it legal!


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