Swimming With Sharks in Cape Town

Swimming with Sharks
Image courtesy of SharkExplorers.com

If the thought of swimming with sharks has you excited rather than terrified, you’re in luck. There are many places to encounter these often misunderstood predators, with Cape Town, South Africa being the best place for shark spotting.

As a well-known shark hotspot, the waters of Cape Town’s coastline are home to many different shark species. False Bay in particular is where the famous ‘flying’ Great white sharks are found. These sharks prey on marine species such as seals, which are found in abundance near Seal Island. The sight of a huge Great white launching itself out of the water after its prey is not one you will forget easily. While swimming with sharks such as Great whites is not possible without the safety of a cage, the chance to view these giant creatures in their natural habitat is one that every nature enthusiast should experience at least once in their lives.  Read More