Convert MTN Airtime to Data

Pre-paid and contract customers can both benefit from converting MTN airtime to data services, with the chance to enjoy low cost data and connectivity while capping your current monthly data.  If you know how much data you need, and how much you will spend, this option is ideal. You can convert MTN airtime to data by doing the following:

  • Dial *141*6# on your cellphone and follow the prompts
  • Enter 2 (once off) – this is the data option you wish to select
  • Enter 1– 6 (amount) – this is the data amount you wish to purchase
  • Enter 1 (confirm) – this confirms your data purchase
  • You can also dial 173 hotline for pre-paid services on your cellphone

MTN data rates are charged at a subscription fee as well as out-of-bundle rates per MB or GIG, with new rates effective as of 28 March 2012.

mtn convert airtime to data
MTN Data Rates

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